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To watch a street soccer player perform is nice, to play against them is even nicer. During a Streetkings clinic you will learn how to upgrade your moves and football tricks to the next level. All steps and movements are explained step by step in order for you to learn properly. The special football tricks the Streetkings clinics teach you will give you an advantage on the street but also on the pitch. 


We consult all kind of brand for things like: event organization, marketing concepts, inspirational speeches,  product development and overall how they can reach the (street) target group by using our platform.

Content creation

As we provide a street soccer platform one of our important tasks is to create content. We travel around the globe, film and think of new ideas to life up to our reputation as the innovators in the scene. We create Social Media content, but we also do commercials en TV shows for big brands.

Marketing Concepts

We have a lot of experience with marketing concepts. Throughout our history you can see the development of Panna Ko through our legends like Edward van Gils and Lenny Netteb. Commercials for Nike, Coca Cola, EA Sports (FIFA Street I, II & IV) FOX Sports, Sony, Hyundai and many more. We think and develop unique concepts fitting the brands needs.

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Services - Events


The Streetkings events team will participate in tournaments or perform shows on events on a global scale, demonstrating the skills and possibilities when playing street football. The big events we organize or participate in are:  

  • World Championship Street Soccer (Manchester, Soccerex)
  • Tiger Beer (Cambodia)
  • Nike Soccer X
  • World Soccer 5s


Akkademy is a mix of the words "Akka" and "Academy". 

Our Akkademy is focused on the functional skill practises. We work together with Sina Soccerlab in which the players developments are screened and measured.

Most young players today are being developed within structured environments. The overly structured and highly competitive environment often doesn’t allow players to explore what they can do with the soccer ball. We bring the game back to when players learned on their own, in environments such as the street, the park, or at school. Environments which allowed players to make mistakes, stretch themselves beyond their limits and have the freedom to try new things.

Kings Dome

Streetkings owns the first indoor street facility in the world. The facility has the same ‘look and feel’ as the streets, what will result into a street atmosphere/experience. Various activities like clinics, events, competitions and demonstrations will be given in the Kings Dome.

Worldwide activation

Streetkings travels around the world with the best street soccer players. We have done actiovations, tours, streetvisits and even joint tournaments to show where the best players come from.   We have been to Miami, Hawaii, LA, New York, The Caribbean, The UAE, Turkey, France, England, Spain, Switzerland, Cambodia, China, Surinam, Curaçao and many more.

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