Streetkings Akkademy -000


You can register by sending an email to

Poelenburg 470-472, 1504 NW Zaandam


Train your functional skill with the Streetkings

This package has 10 training sessions

Besides the training sessions there'll be 2 test moments in a soccer lab

You'll also receive a training suit worth of €50




Test 1 soccer lab

Training 1

Training 2

Training 3

Training 4

Training 5

Training 6

Training 7

Training 8

Training 9

Training 10

Test 2 soccer lab





This is a private session of 1 hour with one of the Streetkings legends. In this session you get a private coach who pushes...

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The clinics are all about the street soccer experience. We give clinics to highly skilled players but also to players who want...

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The Streetkings Akkademy is educating kids in functional skill practices. We provide 10 week programs for the players who...

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Soccer Fitness

In the Kings Dome we also provide team practices. During these sessions you are trained by one of the legends. It’s a soccer fitness...

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