Brand Values

Brand Values

Our brand values represent Streetkings. What do we stand for and what is important for us?

We’re more than just a sport, we’re a movement, a lifestyle.


We can’t change the past since it’s now history and we certainly can’t change tomorrow, but we can change the way we live today. Our passion and love for street soccer inspires people worldwide and we want to keep doing so.


We always respect everyone on and off the pitch. On the street respect is and important value. Street soccer is the purest form of soccer where respect is given and received.


A trick is a tool and street soccer is a small part of 11-a side. Our legacy is to play street soccer with functional skills and show the world that every big star is born on the street.


Street soccer is more than just a sport, it’s a lifestyle. The newest trends and clothing are worn on the street. Street soccer players don’t play in regular soccer clothes. They are fashionable


In the scene it’s all about loyalty. We have chapters all around the world and we’re always open and honest towards each other. Our players are always royal and in return we provide them with a platform to grow on Social Media and improve on the pitch.